Eugene did not just have a way with words - he had a way with picking subject material to aim those words at.

For example - infinity

When I first heard Infinity I had a couple of questions - why in hell would anyone write about infinity and what's with the "great big bear"?

Infinity is a really big topic, the biggest topic there is. It is the kind of subject that would overwhelm a classical composer leaving them mumbling to themselves, buried in an expanding mountain of sheet music and self-doubt.

Eugene took a much less comprehensive approach to this most comprehensive topic and produced a catchy tune with a big band sound that acknowledges that infinity is big, lasts a long time, and has something to do with time and space, and did it all in 1:40, which, in a bit of irony, makes Infinity one of Eugene's shortest songs.

Infinity is from the Yellow Album. It's upbeat and fun and it contains one of my all time favorite song lines by anyone:

'Infinity your magnitude is beyond compare' - I mean - who can argue with that?

Oh - I did finally get the bear reference (Ursa Major - the Great Bear) but I still have no idea why Eugene wrote about Infinity, but I am glad he did because it has become one of my favorites.

and to quote the president of the United States:

"This is infinity here, it could be infinity. We don't really don't know. But it could be. It has to be something - but it could be infinity, right?" - president Donald J. Trump

Mr. president I couldn't agree more.