As a proud patriotic American, and veteran of WWII, Eugene wrote and produced a song for America's bicentenial - Happy Birthday To The U.S.A.

There are several reasons why this song stands out as one of Eugene's most important songs, for instance it has the most annoying musical introduction ever recorded.

But what really makes this song so important is it's intersection with American history - because Happy Birthday to The U.S.A. has the special distinction of being rejected not by just one president, but two.

Eugene was quite proud of this song, even going as far as to use it in the background of a radio advertisement as a way of getting it on the radio after it was rejected by all the local radio stations. He was proud enough to send a copy to President Nixon to have it be used as the official song of the US bicentenial, and when Nixon stepped down, he sent the song to Gerald Ford.

Here are photos of the letters from the White House politely letting Eugene know that they would not be using his song.

Before you listen to Happy Birthday to The U.S.A. I want to say a few things.

Eugene did not play or sing on his records, and the first songs he had recorded were sent to a service that would "turn your sheet music into records...".

Because this song was one of them, Eugene can neither be credited nor blamed for the arrangement or production and it does not sound like any of his other songs.

The other thing to mention is a warning that the intro is impressively weird, annoying and jarring, and sounds like a country western polka band on meth, - and once heard can take days to clear out of your brain.

But most important, as in all of Eugene's songs, it is the lyrics, which are 100% his, that make this a true masterpiece.