For most of us when it came to Eugene it was all about the songs and this is the section of the museum that examines some of Eugene's songs and attempts to explain what was so special about each one.


In all, Eugene had four albums and a single and he was covered once on someone else's album.

The production, which is different on all four albums is a big part of the charm of Eugene songs.

The first three albums had no jackets or names - but they did have different color labels - so surprise, surprise, - we refer to them as the Green, Yellow, and Orange Albums. The fourth album is Discover Each Other and the single is Happy Birthday To The U.S.A.

The Green album was produced by the kind service that used to exist that would 'turn your sheet music into records'. Each song is produced differently and sound like TV theme music or commercial jingles.

The Yellow Album is most people's favorite. Not only does it have some of Eugene's best, but it stands out in its production - it's even in stereo - says so right on the yellow label.

It was the first time Eugene used a local singer named Jack McDade, and put him in front of a local band named The Art Foster, Quintet. The kind of small nightclub bands with a big band sound that existed at that time.

The Orange Album, is a mix of players with Jack McDade on vocals again.

Discover Each Other is played on a pre-digital electronic keyboard - state of the art for the 70s - and onece again taps into the vocal talents of Jack McDade.

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