Before I get into talking about this song I want to mention that thanks to this song I will never ever forget the date of the first moon landing because if I ever need to remember the date all I need to do is sing a couple of lines of the song to myself.

With that thought I bring you Footprints on Tranquility, the song Eugene wrote when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren landed on the moon.

In celebration of the most significant event in human history, when men landed on the moon, Eugene gave us a signifiantly terrible song - Footprints on Tranquility, which, you have to admit, is a great title. The words are serious, respectful, and factual, and the music is kind of generic and unexciting, but when all put together and recorded, the results are a song that sounds exactly what it is, the work of a songwriter who forced himself to write a song about a big topic in the news without any inspiration.

It starts with a direct steal from the popular song by Tony Bennet - I Left My Heart in San Fransisco. Eugene gives us 'I left my footprints, on the Sea of Tranquility'.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot - Eugene writes the song in first person from the point-of-view of Neil Armstrong, which makes it a little bit weird and a little bit cool, but unfortunately it doesn't make it good.

The main problem with this song is that the words are like reading a quote on a plaque on the bottom of a statue that is sitting on the spot where the event occurred.

Nonetheless, this is an important song from Eugene. It is a song that because of the subject matter, we were all hoping would be Eugene's 'hit', and if the title of a song can be the sign of a true artist - there is no better title than 'Footprints on Tranquility' a poetic line with many possible emotional contexts.