I love the song Father Time.

It's a bouncy swinging piece that mixes metaphysics, fairy tales, and nursery rhymes.

I want to say it tells the story, but it never quite gets to a story line, spending the whole song setting up the characters and their relationship.

There are two characters, whose 'work' we are all familiar with are Father Time, and Mother Nature.

You may have noticed that neither Father Time or Mother Nature are actual characters, or even, actual specific things, but just concepts that encompass, well, a lot of stuff, but in this song Eugene treats them as actual entities.

The funny thing is, Eugene acknowledges that Father Time is a concept but still addresses it as a person with the opening line: 'Father Time - you fourth dimension'

Which I want to say is kind of a startling and funny way to start a song.

The real fun of this song is the way Eugene takes two concepts, turns them into their nursery rhyme representations, and then puts them together into an intimate relationship declaring that Father Time is the husband and Mother Nature is the wife.

Please have a listen.