I have to admit that by studying Eugene's songs I have learned a lot about songwriting. Some of what I learned is subtle or comes from things I found in multiple songss, but occassionally a single song will create a solid song-writing rule-of-thumb all by itself. That's the case with Deleware Valley, USA.

The rule of thumb - never write songs about places.

Places don't have characters, plots, feelings, or action. There is simply nothing much to base a song on.

Deleware Valley, USA clocks in at an amazingly short 1 minute 32 seconds and yet Eugene seems to struggle to come up with anything to say.

If one assumes that he would try to start with the best stuff, the best he could come up with is "it is very peacful" - yeah that's a pretty strong sign that there is not too much excitement in this song.

Even worse, he seems to get lost in a search to properly define the Delaware Valley to the point where I have no idea what he is trying to say. Here is what I am talking about: "it's not odd/Oz/us (???) calling a valley a summit, excluding shangri la or utopia, none can compare to the Delaware".