Now I bring you a really fun Eugene song - Come To My Love In.

I guess the music is kind of a Tango, but with the help of Jack McDade's wonderfully smarmy way of singing Eugene's sexy but creepy lyrics, this is a delight of a song.

But before I go on, maybe I should explain the concept of a 'love-in'.

The sexual revolution of the 60s which really occurred mostly in the 1970s was a period of experimentation with sex, because before that nobody ever tried sex unless they were married.

This was also a time of experimentation with drugs, which nobody before that ever did either.

They just drank a lot and talked about sex.

I am kidding of course, but it was a time when there was a lot of changes that had to do with sex, and as far as drugs, although there was a bit of experimentation, the reality was that most of that was young people using marijuana instead of alcohol.

But where was I - oh yeah, - love-ins. There was a tendency at that time to have gatherings and call them something 'in'. There were 'be-ins', and 'sit-ins', and there were 'love-ins'. Now I never was at a love-in, and I don't know anyone who ever went to a love-in, and for that matter I am not aware of a single example of anyone ever mentioning they went to a love-in, so I am not sure how anyone knew what one was, but we all did, and we all wanted to go to one.

They were warm friendly gatherings of people where people were doing some sort of psychedelic drug or in some sort of spiritual state of mind, and everyone was feeling so good and felt such warmth and affection for everyone else that they all took their clothes off and had sex.

I know that sounds a lot like an orgy but that's only because it sounds a lot like an orgy.

I'll let the song speak for itself - but I want to add one other note - when in the song he talks about ecstasy, he was talking about the feeling of ecstasy and not the drug, Eugene had died before MDMA was called Ecstasy.

So come to Eugene's "swinging love-in".