Eugene was a member of the Greatest Generation, and occasionally would use a word or expression in a song that was way out of date. When I first heard the song Baby Cakes because I was not familiar with the expression, I just figured that was one of those out-of-date expressions.

But that was over 40 years ago, and since then I had not seen or heard another use of the term baby cakes, well almost.

Somewhat recently, I was introducing Eugene and his music to someone I had met. I was explaining the wonders of some of Eugene's songs and was playing them when Baby Cakes started to play.

I started to tell this person about how the only place I had ever heard the expression 'baby cakes' was in the song.

So what does she tell me? - that Baby Cakes was one of her childhood nicknames - Oh well what do I know.

This is a fairly silly song with some silly lines, including the most obvious and therefore very silly rhyme - 'Baby Cakes, you've got what it takes', and the not so obvious and sillier rhyme - 'Baby Cakes, I'm through with the fakes'. In fact most of the song is just an exercise in goofy lines that rhyme.

But my favorite part of this song is a single line that sounds goofier than it does reading it, because it sounds like a really bad pickup line from a creepy guy in a bar- 'when I see your face I'm like lost in space'.